Pilcher Park Master Plan


Joliet, IL


Joliet Park District/Joliet Park Foundation

Project Owner:

Joliet Park District

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TGDA was commissioned to create a masterplan for the historic Pilcher site by the Joliet Park District and Joliet Park Foundation. The Joliet Park District’s Pilcher Park is a 640 acre natural wonder that is home to 50 of the 61 acres of high quality wet-mesic forest found in Illinois. More than 240 species of plants have been documented at the park. A large number of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles make their home in the upland forests. In addition, Pilcher Park provides local residents with a variety of programs.

Preserved for the better part of a century through private and public land ownership, the Park is well-loved by local outdoor enthusiasts, and is a rich setting for the nationally recognized Nature Center education programs. Due to deferment of infrastructure repair and natural areas protection, there is visible ecological degradation in areas; this alerted the Park overseers to a need for a master plan. The plan is a brief guideline for immediate and long term actions created through on-site assessments and staff workshops. Overall, the plan synthesizes general physical and social conditions and identifies new program priorities.

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