Terry Guen Design Associates, Inc. (TGDA) is a Chicago-based landscape architecture and urban design firm founded in 1999. Through our Design for Life approach, we work closely with clients and project teams to create beautiful, healthy, iconic public spaces and landscapes, which are highly valued by communities, connect people to nature, mitigate the effects of climate change, and activate local economies. This design ethic promotes a renewed community identity and inspires community driven site programs.

TGDA is a nationally recognized designer of urban ecological landscapes and public spaces for neighborhood, citywide, and regional scale projects. With technical and design expertise grounded in Terry’s thirty years of practice, TGDA’s Design for Life responds to the energy and spirit of diverse communities that are at the heart of each project. Our highly qualified team takes pride in our responsiveness to clients, excellence in integrating with architectural and engineering design, and consistent delivery of highly creative, innovative and comprehensive design solutions. Through these processes, we shape our urban environments into vibrant places for everyday use. These places reflect their contextual history, connect to the ecological site conditions, support multi-cultural events and allow experiential art and nature to flourish.

Through Design for Life, TGDA acts as a steward for the environment with the goal of reactivating urban ecosystems to thrive and become a key long-term component of each neighborhood’s social, economic and ecological infrastructure. These goals are achieved within the framework of the Client’s capacity for long-term management, thereby balancing immediate project costs and objectives with the community and environmental opportunities and benefits.