Little Village Library


Chicago, IL


Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED)

Project Owner:

Public Building Commission of Chicago

Time Period:


The landscape design of the Little Village Library seeks to create a remarkable context for the library, blending the line between landscape and architecture while creating spaces of urban and natural interest. The landscape plantings provide aesthetic attributes for all four seasons, shade for the building surfaces, and native or adaptive species that are drought resistant.

Exposure to the landscape is maximized through incorporation of environments within the daily arrival, views, and creation of different ‘landscape rooms’, which are designed to create a series of outdoor spaces that are visible and comfortable for the patrons. Integrated landscape features are based upon sustainable design elements and considerations that are not place specific, but rather pertain to the entire site.

All areas are designed with sustainable technologies as part of the LEED Silver goal. They are designed for ease of maintenance, long term healthy growth of plants, and to connect the library patrons experience to the outdoors.

714 South Dearborn Street, Floor 5
Chicago, IL 60605
312 337 9145
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