TGDA turns 15!!

December 20, 2014

TGDA is honored to announce the milestone of our 15th year of sustainable design leadership throughout Chicago and the Midwest. We extend our thanks and gratitude to all owners and colleagues who support our work.

TGDA has designed more than 70 built projects in the Chicago Region, transforming the ecological makeup and experience of more than 5,200 acres. This is a testament to the significant impact one firm can have on the local and regional landscape. According to calculators sourced from the Landscape Architecture Foundation, we found that the 2,800 trees TGDA has planted have captured roughly 1,157 metric tons of carbon dioxide and mitigated approximately 508,480 sq ft of stormwater run-off. TGDA looks forward to continuing our contributions towards solving future social and ecological challenges and sharing our results with our colleagues.