TGDA receives IL-ASLA Service Award

December 10, 2009

TGDA receives a Community Service Award for organizing the Burnham 100x100 Charrette as part of the Burnham Centennial Celebrations.

On July 16th, 2009, over 100 enthusiastic landscape architects, designers, not-for-profit and agency members, and students joined together at the Chicago Cultural Center for a one-day historic charrette, to sketch, create ideas for, and shape the future green space visions of Chicago. Conceived by Terry Guen Design Associates, and supported by the Burnham Plan Celebration and IL-ASLA, principal designers of leading firms collaborated in presentations and leading design efforts at eleven work tables. Firm Principals opened the proceedings with a “visual warm-up” relaying visions of the role of landscape architects in the next fifty years. Diverse topics for the “visual warm-up included: breaking historic open space design paradigms, landscape architects in planning leadership positions, and what to expect when designing for an Olympics.

Principals then led design discussions including themes: A Plan for Trees, River Networks, Industrial Retrofit, Urban Agriculture, and City Lot Use. The well orchestrated day was concluded with each group presenting the multitude of ideas and sketches during the Charrette Happy Hour. Initial feedback from participants for the event was enthusiastic, tremendously positive, and included interest in future similar events. Additionally, there was generous feedback regarding the amount of information learned from experts, and also highlighted the networking opportunities for colleagues to meet as a community.

Charrette ideas were utilized as the basis for renderings to be included in the Burnham Plan Centennial’s September Exhibit, “Big Bold Visionary: Chicago Considers the Next Century”.