TGDA Landscape Architect for the Cal-Sag Trail Master Plan

December 21, 2009

Terry Guen Design Associates as part of a team with Townbuilder Studios, Carol Naughton Associates and McDonough Associates, was selected for the design of the Cal-Sag Trail Signage and Open Public Spaces Master Plan.

TDGA will head efforts to establish the type, size and location of a series of public spaces to be proposed within the Calumet-Sag Trail Corridor. The nature of these public spaces will be determined through public participation processes, which may include key person interviews, user surveys, focus group research, visioning exercises, design charrettes, and public hearings.

Based on the consensus derived from the public participation process, with review and approval of those points of consensus by the City, TGDA will develop conceptual designs of the public spaces proposed within the corridor. These designs will achieve relevance and authenticity in relation to the communities within which they are located, while employing a design vocabulary and materiality that knits the various public space elements into the unified whole of the Calumet-Sag Trail. In all instances public spaces would be sited in a manner sensitive to the constraints of existing woodlands, wetlands and habitat. The design process will take into account the proposed site improvements of the current Multi-Use Trail Project, which will specify such aspects as comfort stations and site furnishings.

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