Terry Guen Re-appointed to Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

August 9, 2016

On July 27th TGDA principal and founder Terry Guen was re-appointed by President Obama as member and expert to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. As Sustainability Chair of the Preservation Initiatives Committee, Terry initiated interagency preservation and sustainability presentations for Agency representatives to share knowledge and strategies. A key participant of the “Building a More Inclusive Nation” initiative, she has helped connect Asian American Pacific Islander heritage efforts from across the nation to ACHP programs. Terry’s next four-year agenda includes expanding our national Historic Preservation program to more fluently engage landscape and issues of intangible heritage. This is to connect environment and place with heritage, while broadening the types of people and places engaged with heritage conservation.

The Advisory Council for Historic Preservation is an independent federal agency based in Washington D.C. Learn more.

(Pictured above: Terry Guen in Boston leading a meeting for the potential listing of the 1847 Josiah Quincy School on the National Register of Historic Places. Image by Ling-Mei Wong, editor Sampan.org.)