IIT Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship

October 26, 2018

3137 S Federal Street, Chicago, IL 60616
Owner: Illinois Institute of Technology
Client / Architect: John Ronan Architects

Completed this fall, the innovation building’s mission to: “nurture the advancement of critical and creative ideas, foster interdisciplinary and external collaboration, and create a culture that enables innovation and tech entrepreneurship to flourish on campus and throughout the larger community as well,” inspired and informed the landscape design process. The innovation center demanded a sustainable landscape with multi-functional landscape spaces that can serve a diverse set of future leaders, inventors, and entrepreneurs. The work included an evaluation of the project’s surrounding green spaces, campus connectivity, and the construction of the building where the design is highly influenced by the existing campus landscape. This included researching and understanding Alfred Caldwell’s original intent for this portion of the IIT Campus.

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