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Los Angeles, CA


Residents of Los Angeles

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TGDA envisioned Los Angeles’ Hydroline as an Eco-Transit Spine as part of its competition entry to redesign LA’s riverbed. The L.A. riverbed is intergovernmentally controlled, historic, low density corridor that represents an untapped resource for the city. It is a living spine that is reflective of LA’s difficult relationship with its natural environment.

"TGDA’s scheme visualizes the Hydroline as an Eco-Transit Spine that will connect neighborhoods, employment centers, open spaces, and provide an opportunity for cohesive city design. Integrated transit, water, resource management and reuse, inhabit areas within the corridor and generate city-wide quality of life improvements shared by residents. The Hydroline will play a prominent role in building L.A.’s green economy offering these benefits:

• Enhanced public transit network, and public and freight transit way within the River easement
• Multiple transit/open space connections based on resident density
• Bio-Industrial transit corridor, including designated adjacent green capital zones
• Native plant biofuel and energy generation
• Stormwater management, filtration and infiltration for groundwater recharge
• Climate control and wildlife habitat corridor
• Bike transit and pedestrian recreation corridor"

The L.A. Hydroline will help return beauty and comforts of the natural connection between the mountains and the bay, utilizing transportation improvements, to leave a more sustainable legacy for future generations.

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