Chicago Rainbow Line


Chicago, IL


City of Chicago Residents

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In response to the Chicago Climate Action Plan, TGDA developed a design brief that visually demonstrates how an infrastructure program consisting of social, economic, and ecologically functional open spaces could be integrated within City of Chicago boundaries.

The Legacy Plan uses new transportation infrastructure to environmentally and socially organize the City. Chicago’s historic boulevard system is transformed by the “Rainbow Line,” a public transit based development spine. Rather than moving through and connecting to other El lines in the Loop, this new track links to other transportation routes to the West, connecting to all the existing subway lines. The Rainbow Line provides direct perimeter connections to locations, north, west and south of the downtown and serves to reinforce the city fabric by connecting to underserved areas.

The “Rainbow Line” travel corridor was developed to stimulate economic and population growth in city neighborhoods, bring workers to redeveloped industry/enterprise job sites along existing corridors, interconnect regional transit routes, enhance existing parks and open space, and connect to climate mitigation-infiltration corridors. The Chicago Legacy Plan is a vision of how Chicago can solve the future demands of an increasing population and decreasing availability of land.

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