Aurora River Walk Masterplan


Aurora, IL


CBBEL Engineering, Ltd.

Project Owner:

City of Aurora

Time Period:


Working with Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd (CBBEL), TGDA created a new Fox Walk master plan within the framework of an updated U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) and Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) permit strategy. This new strategy included creating a series of conditions based on ACOE and IDNR meetings to ensure approval of the new design.

To design a masterplan, TGDA and CBBEL worked with the City Council, stakeholders, and residents to create an updated Fox Walk Riverwalk Master Plan. This plan proposed to remove existing dams to construct an urban whitewater kayak and canoe park in its place. This new feature would invigorate Aurora’s downtown, provide an appealing and unique destination, further engage the community with the river, and restore habitat connections severed by the existing dams. Other Master Plan components included closing the 1.5 mile gap in the Fox River Bicycle Trail and coordinating the vocabulary of Master Plan design elements to the existing Downtown Aurora streetscape.

One of the challenges that TGDA successfully managed related to existing ACOE and IDNR permits Fox Walk permits, which had expired due to new regulatory codes. Portions of the Fox Walk had been constructed under the previously issued permits, while other, unconstructed, sections were difficult to build due to their location within existing floodways.

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